Wish You Were Here Exhibition

WYWHex1 Visitors to the Exhibiton were invited to write a postcard, at the end we posted all of them and they travelled far and wide to Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Portadown, Galway and Thailand.wywhex3
Detail of John Bauchers Postcard and Hai Kuwywhex2


Wish You Were Here opens at The Bathhouse

Wish You Were Here opened at 7pm at the Bathhouse on 4 Glenmore Street. We were delighted that the exhibition was well attended, and with a bus running from Belfast Exposed to East Belfast and back we could make sure that those traveling from other parts of the city had a way to get there. It was great to have everyone around with their families and friends, and the post box quickly filled up with postcards. The exhibition will be open until Sunday the 6th of February, between 12pm and 6pm daily.

1560761_10152589181807501_447761733_nFergus Jordan, at the opening on behalf of BX, posted this image on Facebook and wrote:

‘Wish you were here……great night thanks to Prime’

Workshop 8: Pinhole reveal and exhibition preparation

Another cosy wednesday evening in the bathhouse and our first meeting of the new year.  Everyone brought along their tin can pin hole cameras, cracking them open we placed the photographic paper onto the scanner bed in darkness scanning the image onto the computer.  The images were then inverted in photoshop to uncover a selection of much anticipated views of the surrounding area.

The pinhole cameras had been in situ in and around east Belfast since our last meeting almost two months ago, slowly working their magic.  Once revealed the painterly effect of the photographs had a mysterious and alluring quality.  Considering it is winter time and natural light in this part of the world is a fleeting luxury most of the images had let in just enough to bring out the detail to identify a range of charming outdoor vistas, urban,  domestic and natural.

The 2nd Wish You Were Here exhibition is fast approaching and today we finished the transformation of the front room; previously a storage space the room is now a fine looking gallery space eagerly anticipating the not to be missed first exhibition in the Bath House.  Wish you Were Here opens on thursday 30th January 7 – 9pm and is open to everyone.  If anyone is coming from town a bus leaves Belfast Exposed going to the Bath House at 7pm and 8pm, returning again at 9pm, please email Tom Finlay the Photography Services Administrator at Belfast Exposed to book your place in the bus  training@belfastexposed.org.


Wish You Were Here opens at BX

The first installment of Wish You Were Here opened at Belfast Exposed tonight. We all spent time in the space beforehand with our work to decide on where to hang it, what scale to print it, and what Haiku’s to use etc. Theresa decided to go for a large scale print of her image, John (Mc) mounted his images to MDF in a geometric layout, and Rhonda created an inventive, mixed media collage using images, text, materials and her daughter’s favorite red boots!

The Haikus were written directly on the walls (Here is Sarah writing her’s)


It was a great opportunity to experiment with different ways of exhibiting photography, and we are excited about the second installment at the Bathhouse in January, when we will exhibit the postcard images and their corresponding Haikus, and give visitors an opportunity to post their own messages.


Workshop 7: Pinhole Cameras from drinks cans

The morning of the workshop I was lucky that it was the recycling day in my area. Dawn raid on the black boxes (is that illegal?) to reveal the drinking habits and get some tall drinks cans.  Arriving at the Bath House, Max had had the fire going at the chill was out of the air. Tea and battenberg slice later we were cutting the tops of the can off to make then ready to house the photographic paper, making a black card lid and putting the hole with a pin or neddle the camera are watertight and are going to be left outside. Surprisingly only one accident later, I’m fine now, we made can pin hole camera to be exposed for 1 month. The plan is to meet up again in January to see the results of the winter sun on photographic paper. I really like the fact that the pinhole cameras are such an experiment. Watch this space for results. 20131120_184818 20131120_184812 20131120_192256 20131120_192306

Wish you Were Here opens at Belfast Exposed opens tonight. Here is a link to the website.


Looking forward to seeing everybody again and if anyone put their camera up and where they put it.